Alles noch genau so, aber anders.

Today I'm ten years older and don't have quite as much hair on my head (but it's not grey). At the beginning of the year I weighed about 25 kg more than in 2008 and unfortunately only did sports occasionally. meanwhile, is not only a large online magazine for triathletes, but also operates four shops throughout Germany, an online shop , organizes swimming seminars , training camps , approx. 70 neoprene test swims per year, the CUP and offers training planning , performance diagnostics and much more and, in short, we do everything that helps triathletes and is fun for you and us.

So, now to the I said, I've gained about 25 kilos in nine years. How can that be? Well, that's a good question. The real reason is that entrepreneurs, especially young entrepreneurs, are exploiters. No, not exploiters of their employees or their customers, but mainly entrepreneurs exploit themselves.

For a while I kept track of the hours I worked. Of course there are weeks where it's only 50 or 60 hours, but mostly it's more like 80-100 hours a week. To be honest, I often don't feel like doing sports afterwards and eating and drinking often serves as a reward for the deprivation that you take on (triathletes will certainly understand that ;-)). But who cares, the job just has to be done at the beginning and often the only alternative is that you earn less or, in the worst case, can no longer continue your company due to a lack of sales. Please don't get me wrong, I don't mean to whine. Firstly, it is a self-chosen fate that most entrepreneurs can also opt out of, and secondly, a smart person always says to me “Open your eyes when choosing a career”.

Let's continue with: Training plan: Preparation for the middle distance December 2017

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