Zugseiltraining - die wichtigsten Übungen

If you want to maintain your swimming performance out of the water and even develop it technically, you should definitely think about the pull rope as a training alternative. The pull rope is one of the most effective training devices for swimming: the correct movement of the arm pull can be trained out of the water as well as the swimming-specific strength endurance. Our trainer Stephan shows you the best exercises for the right arm pull .

The correct execution of the movement is always important , otherwise movement patterns will grind in outside the water, which may even damage your swimming technique. Therefore, we start with the exercise that represents the be-all and end-all of the Kraularmzug:

Exercise 1: catch water

With this exercise we only simulate the first phase of the underwater arm pull, but that's exactly what matters! The focus is on raising the forearm to actively catch water and build up pressure from the front.

Starting position: stand firmly, bent upper body, straight back, arms stretched out in front, left and right hands are in the loops, the rope is only slightly tensioned.

Performing the exercise: with the hand open, the entire forearm folds down, guided. Important: the position of the elbow is not changed, there is no pull from the shoulder. The muscles in the forearm do the necessary work. The exercise path ends when the forearm is straight down (fingertips pointing perpendicular to the floor, palm backwards). Water catch only! Not more.

At first, only do the exercise with one arm and control every single movement. With increasing security and cleanliness you can bring more dynamics into the movement and practice alternately or on both sides. Important, important, important: high elbow . This always stays in the same position.

Exercise example: 15x right arm + 15x left arm + 30x on both sides. Repeat this series 2-4 times.

Be sure to avoid these mistakes during the exercise:

1. Bent posture

2. Pull down with straight arm

3. Pull out from the shoulder

All posts at a glance

All exercises also in the video:

Find the right tow rope

Green = Lords (stronger resistance)

Blue = ladies (lower resistance)


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