Zugseiltraining - die wichtigsten Übungen #3

In the third part of the series there are two more exercises with which you can maintain and further develop swimming-specific muscles.

1. Pressure phase

The aim here is to practice the pressure phase in isolation, ie the triceps are required here.

Starting position: stand firmly, upper body only slightly bent forward, lower back straight, upper arms/elbows pressed against side of body, forearms bent forward, hands in loops.

How to do the exercise: With the upper arms still in place, push the forearms down/back until they are fully extended. Here, too, the elbow remains fixed and forms the rotational joint. Do the exercise alternately with one arm or with both arms at the same time.

Exercise example: 20x alternately with one arm + 15x simultaneously with both arms. Then shift your starting position further back for more basic tension in the pull rope and repeat the series.

2. Rotators

This exercise is primarily suitable for the muscular stabilization of the shoulder joint - the most stressed structure when swimming. A well-functioning rotator cuff ensures improved power transmission and protects the shoulder from overload.

Starting position: stand firmly, sideways to the direction of pull, the outer arm is bent against the body, holding the pull rope under slight tension.

Execution of the exercise: With the elbow still in contact, rotate the forearm outwards and bring it back to the center of the body.

Exercise example: 3 series with 20x alternating repetitions each

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Green = Lords (stronger resistance)

Blue = ladies (lower resistance)


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