Zugseiltraining - die wichtigsten Übungen #2

After the basic exercise "catching water" we now extend the arm pull to the overall movement. At the beginning we concentrate again on a one-armed controlled execution of the movement. Very important: it's not about throwing the pull rope backwards as powerfully as possible, but about carrying out the exercises with the correct motor skills. This is the only way technology can improve in the long term. Those who "slip" quickly fall back into their old movement patterns.

above: right

below: wrong

Total arm pull

Start in the same starting position as you did for the water catch exercise.

Starting position: stand firmly, bent upper body, straight back, arms stretched out in front, left and right hands are in the loops, the rope is only slightly tensioned.

Execution of the exercise: Perform the initial movement of catching water from the front just as cleanly. At the end of catching water, the active pull comes from the shoulder and pulls the bent arm further back in a straight line. The elbow does not drop, but remains in a high position, the forearm still bent downwards. Run your hand close to your body, keeping your palm open and facing backwards throughout the movement. In the final pressure phase, stretch your arm completely backwards.

Do the exercise with only one arm at first, then alternately. Here, too, first of all pay attention to a clean, controlled execution of the movement and always start each arm pull with your arms stretched completely forward. As you become more confident, you can train the entire arm pull more fluently and quickly.

If you are confident in the movement, you can then train the exercise on both sides as a butterfly arm pull.

Exercise example: Series 20-30-40x alternating arm pulls, then series 40-30-20x simultaneous arm pulls

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Green = Lords (stronger resistance)

Blue = ladies (lower resistance)


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