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Questions and answers about the bike test tour 2020/21

We have been conducting the popular neoprene test swims for our customers and athletes for years. For the first time in 2020/21, we transferred this experience to another topic that has occupied us for years, namely our range and selection of triathlon bikes. Here you will find the answers to the most important questions:

Which brands and models did you take with you on the bike test tour?

We have the following models from the following manufacturers on the Bike Test Tour 2020/21 (RRP prices in brackets):


  • E-117 Tri / E-117 Tri Disc (from EUR 3,078 depending on equipment)
  • E-118 Tri+ Disc (from EUR 7,762 depending on equipment)
  • Nitrogen Disc (from EUR 5,353 depending on equipment)


  • P series (from EUR 3,299 depending on equipment)
  • P5 series (from EUR 7,999 depending on equipment)
  • PX series (from EUR 9,999 depending on equipment)


  • IA series (from EUR 2,899 depending on equipment)
  • AR series (from EUR 3,499 depending on equipment)


  • Trinity Advanced Pro (from EUR 3,299 depending on configuration)
  • Avow Advanced Pro (from EUR 3,299 depending on equipment )

Do I have to choose my bike myself?

No Please not. We have trained staff on site. Our colleagues will advise you on the model selection and give you the right bike in the right size. Of course we will also adjust the bike for you.

Does it make sense to test all the bikes that are there?

No. We have around 12 different models from all manufacturers. Different models appeal to different athletes. In order to find out the relevant models for you, you have to answer several questions when registering. Based on your answers, we recommend 3 bikes. You will receive this recommendation at the beginning of your bike test in the form of a test sheet. You can of course test everything you want. The recommendations are just a guide to help you get started.
Of course, our local colleagues will help you to find the next best bike for you.

Do I have to return the test sheet?

No, the test sheet is only for you and is intended to help you make your decision. We recommend that you write down how the bike felt right after riding each bike. Experience has shown that the impression is freshest then.

What should I pay attention to? What should I note?

Many participants had never had any experience with a racing bike or triathlon bike. Therefore, the first impression on the bike is often very striking, but the question is: can it be even better? This evaluation will be easier for you if you have tried several bikes.

How long can I test?

We allocate slots every 2 hours. But these are only your start times . In order to make the bike test safer and, above all, more relaxed for everyone, we are adjusting the start times of our participants a little. All of our start times are calculated so that you have at least 2 hours to test. From experience, that's enough. If you think you need more time, just get to the earliest possible slot. Here you can test for at least 3 hours. In some locations with a large number of participants you can even try for up to 5 hours.
The only limit for you is the duration of the test swim. As long as we are there, you can also test.

Does a professional bike fitting make sense?

Yes totally. We have been optimizing the sitting positions of our athletes for years. Almost everyone benefits by sitting more relaxed, getting better power transmission or simply cycling more aerodynamically.

What do I have to bring?

Please bring your indoor/outdoor cycling clothing to the bike test, as well as your helmet, cycling shoes and your pedals. We can help out with Shimano SPD-SL and Look Keo pedals in individual cases, but we don't have the capacity to equip all bikes at the same time. If you ride a different system (e.g. Speedplay, Time), you are dependent on your own pedals.

If you have booked a bike fitting appointment, you should of course also bring the bike with you that you want to do the adjustment with.

Can I bring friends or relatives with me?

reluctantly. In view of the current situation, we want to have as few people as possible with us for the bike test. If there is no other way, please contact us by email (biketest@triathlon.de).

Do I have to choose a bike for the bike test?

No of course not. You can take as much time as you need. However, you will only receive the special conditions of the bike test at the test event itself. You will still receive the bike fitting after the bike test event, but you can only redeem the registration fee at the test itself. Unfortunately, we can only set the prices at the event itself.

How can I pay for the bike test? Do I have to pay everyone at once?

If you decide on a bike on site, please pay 20% of the purchase price. The rest is then due upon delivery of the bike.

You can pay for the bike test with cash, EC card, credit card (no American Express) or paypal. A complete purchase on account is unfortunately not possible.

Can I take my bike with me right away?

No, we will build your bike for you after the bike test. You can then pick up your bike from one of our shops (Berlin, Munich, Nuremberg or Rheine). There we will also do the bike fitting with you.

If you can't come to one of our shops, we'll be happy to send the bike to you. In this case, we also recommend doing the bike fitting during the bike test. Please book in time. A bike fitting takes about 2 hours and we are probably fully booked quickly. Of course, we will adjust your finished bike to your values ​​determined in the bike fitting.

If there are isolated delays (delivery problems), we will of course inform the affected athletes.

If you need your bike urgently, just let us know. We will find a solution.

Do you have any more questions?

No problem. Just send us an email to: shop@triathlon.de


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Hallo Triathlon-Team,
ich würde gerne bei der Bike-Test-Tour 2020/21mitmachen, leider habt Ihr keine Termine, Orte oder ggf. Preise genannt. Wäre interessiert an Vergleich Feld IA und Argin 18 Disk (warscheinlich Größe jew. 5).
Vorab Danke für eine kurze Info.Sportliche Grüße

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