Argon 18 Triathlon Bikes 2021

The new reference

Aero efficiency and rigidity down to the last carbon fiber and at the same time a lot of attention to detail - the time trial bikes from the Canadian manufacturer do everything right and have rightly been a fixture in triathlon for years. For the fight against the clock, the Argon 18 triathlon machines minimize air resistance and offer the driver an overall concept that can be adapted to all the requirements of a race - whether "aggressive beast" over short distances or "fast & comfortable" for long distances.

These are the Argon 18 triathlon bikes

The line-up shows how specialized Argon 18 is in the field of time trials/triathlon: three models are striving for new speed records. The E-117 Tri and E-119 Tri are designed for all triathlon requirements thanks to their adjustability and integration solutions. The E-118 Tri, on the other hand, offers a UCI-compliant frame design that has been made even more aggressive for time trial specialists.

E-117 Tri / TriDisc

The E-117 Tri offers a platform for both beginners looking for their first triathlon bike and advanced triathletes looking for a high-quality overall package. The model is available in two different versions, which differ primarily in their braking system and equipment. The basic structure, however, remains the ultra-stiff carbon frame set, which relies on the proven modular design in the handlebar system: stem, base handlebar and aerobars.

The E-117 Tri is the basic version with rim brakes and mechanical shifting. This is a demanding triathlon bike in the entry-level segment. If desired, the equipment can be upgraded at the time of purchase (gear shifters, wheels).

The E-117 Tri Disc is a further development of the frame set and designed for disc brakes in terms of statics and aerodynamics.

E-117 Tri

E-117 tri-disc

Even the basic configuration (Ultegra DI2, Vision Trimax 30 Disc wheelset) makes the advanced claim of the E-117 Tri Disc clear: more technology, more aero. If you like it even more powerful, there are also other component upgrades (Dura Ace DI2, DT Swiss ARC 1100 Aero wheelset).

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E-118 Tri+ Disc

The E-118 Tri+ Disc is one of the fastest thoroughbred time trial machines out there. The low front profile is designed for aggressive time trial positions, but can be customized through the versatile handlebar cockpit. Weight-optimized, aero-optimized, latest technology. This bike is pure speed!

E-118 Tri+ Disc

The equipment also makes it clear that the bike is designed for the highest performance demands. The basic equipment includes electronic Ultegra DI2 and Vision Trimax 30 disc wheels. Of course, further upgrades can also be made here.

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E-119 Tri / Tri+

The E-119 Tri is the flagship of the Argon 18 Triathlon models - the perfect blend of aerodynamics, weight optimization and uncompromising integration of brakes, cables and cables. The bike enables maximum aero performance, power transmission and comfort. The perfect racing machine for all ambitious iron men and women. The fully integrated carbon handlebar cockpit has more than 30 configuration options for the optimal sitting position at all distances.

The basic configuration of the E-119 Tri is also based on electronic shifting from the outset.

In the Tri+, the bike is presented as a complete, ready-to-race package, as the equipment includes various integrated drinking and storage solutions:

E-119 Tri

E-119 Tri+

Front hydration system (Profile Design FC 25), double bottle cage behind the saddle, storage box behind the saddle and top tube box. All elements can be added or removed as required and fit perfectly into the overall aerodynamic concept of the triathlon bike.

The E-119 Tri will also be available in a version with disc brakes from spring 2021.

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