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Functional swimming buoy for your open water training

The pink Swim & Safety Buoy Mesh is a versatile swimming buoy that is perfectly tailored to the demands of open water swimming. It not only combines the three most important properties

  • visibility
  • Security
  • waterproof portability for equipment and valuables

In addition, there is a mesh transport bag on the front - this can be used as quickly accessible storage space for drinking bottles, bars/gels or even for the HandySafe .

The eye-catching signal color of the buoy enables it to be recognized far and wide in open water.

A valuable safety tool for any open water swimmer, the buoy is quick and easy to inflate by mouth. The adjustable hip belt is securely fastened around the waist with a clip fastener and simply pulled behind you in the water. It doesn't bother you in any way when you're swimming, but you can still grab it at any time to hold on to it if necessary (swimming break, cramp in open water, etc.). In addition, there is a warning whistle on the closure.

Equipment packed waterproof Taking equipment with you:
The dry bag of the Swim & Safety Buoy Mesh has a volume of 28 liters and measures 50cm x 35cm (laid flat). The buoy not only offers space for mobile phones, car keys, etc., but also allows you to take towels, clothing, etc. with you in a watertight manner. The buoy has two air chambers that reliably enclose the contents of the dry bag when it is inflated.

This is how you should use your swimming buoy:
  • Make sure all air is removed from the bag before use.
  • Fill the bag with the gear you want.
  • Fill the dry bag with the desired gear.
  • Fold in the open side to the desired size and close with the click fastener.
  • Now fill the two air chambers with air: open the upper safety valve (square screw cap) on both sides and inflate through the mouthpiece. The air cannot escape, then close the screw cap again.
  • Adjust the waistband to the desired width and fasten the belt around your hips.
  • Deflate: Open the exhaust valves on both sides (serrated screw caps) and push the air out. Note: The exhaust valve must be closed for re-inflation.

Material: Nylon with PVC lining, 100% waterproof


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