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The buoyancy miracle for stability, continuity and speed

You love triathlon and continuously improve from competition to competition. You belong to a large community of age-groupers who share our passion for sport, appreciate the fun of sporting competition and are constantly redefining their own limits.

The sailfish One 7 offers you the perfect basis for your goals. Safety and performance optimization form the guidelines of our efforts to constantly rethink the One and to make its proven concept even better. Because only a perfect product helps you, you and all of us, to live the triathlon as we know and appreciate it: challenging, constantly pushing the boundaries and still as a unique community of like-minded people.


Consistency and innovation raise the new One 7 to a level from which you can also benefit. Evolution instead of revolution is the motto, according to which you can rely on the tried and tested that we are constantly optimizing with the latest developments.

  • The buoyancy miracle
    More buoyancy means a safer, faster position in the water. The One 7 uses Aerofloat for this. This three-layer neoprene has trapped air cells that literally make you feel like you're floating on clouds.

  • Varying neoprene thickness for maximum effect
    4.5mm neoprene keeps your chest and thighs on the surface. This minimizes your silhouette and increases your speed. 2.0 to 3.0 millimeters of thickness make the lower leg both comfortable and flexible without forgetting buoyancy. Shoulders and arms benefit from a low material thickness of only 1.5 millimeters, so that you can convert your technique into propulsion with little effort.

  • Robust, persistent and fast
    The Neo 7's Speedflex neoprene combines buoyancy, suppleness and durability. So you convince at any distance, whether at the top or in the dense field of age groupers. The innovative Hydro Coating also gives you outstanding gliding properties, which will take you a step further on the way to a successful individual discipline.

  • freedom of movement and stability
    The greatest possible freedom of movement and a stable position in the water are not mutually exclusive! On the contrary - with the One 7 they combine to form a sophisticated overall construction that supports both performance-oriented age groupers and newcomers to the various triathlon distances in their performance.
    The Zero Resistance Panel enables you to use an energy-saving and effective technique. The integrated arm panel supports an optimal arm pull under water and avoids irritation due to a further reduced amount of seams. At the same time, the stability torso and the anatomically shaped hip panel ensure a stable and at the same time streamlined, fast position in the water.

  • Comfort in training and competition
    Only a comfortable wetsuit is worn with pleasure. And only if you enjoy wearing your suit will it actually get you ahead.
    Our comfort inner liner is based on a new type of nylon fiber that ensures exactly this wearing comfort thanks to a soft, comfortable surface with high flexibility.
    The Flex Collar fits flush but does not restrict head rotation while breathing.
    So that the fourth discipline is not neglected, Quick Release allows you to take it off quickly and easily in the transition zone.

Putting on a wetsuit correctly: Here are the step-by-step instructions

It is best to try out the wetsuit in our test swims:

Click here for the dates: NEOPREN TEST SWIMMING 2023

Manufacturer sailfish
Gender ladies
Color black/blue
distance All distances
category All-rounder / middle class
zipper rear

4.5mm chest and thighs
2-3mm lower leg
1.5mm shoulders + arms

material 100% neoprene-nylon composite, Nano Aerodome Neoprene


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