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Thin open water neo with high flexibility

Do you love circling at sunrise and early morning fog? Do you occasionally train in open water? Your first triathlon is approaching? Then you need a reliable partner at your side. Exactly this partner is the sailfish Ignite.

The IGNITE gets its flexible properties primarily from the thinner material. While most neoprene are designed to be 4-5mm thick (especially in the torso/hip/thigh area), the IGNITE's Yamamoto 39 neoprene is only up to 3mm thick here. Thinner material is less rigid but also has lower buoyancy properties. So if you prefer moderate buoyancy anyway, you've come to the right place.

Away from the performance elite, the Ignite has stood for flexible uses around the topic of open water for years. It offers you freedom of movement, comfort and safety in equal measure. Because only with a safe feeling can you actually concentrate on nature, the water and yourself. That's why we're improving the Ignite again and presenting you the versatile miracle in a proven and well-known construction, but with further innovative improvements.


Even the tried and tested is even better. That's why the Ignite convinces with new features that make your open water experience something very special.

  • The perfect fit for every style
    Second Skin Fit is what we call our striving for a perfect fit of the Ignite. A higher proportion of seams and more effort in processing bring us an improved shape. For you, on the other hand, it means an even freer feeling of movement. And it doesn't matter which swimming style.

  • Robust for every use
    Our Speedflex neoprene has good buoyancy properties and is comfortable to wear. However, its greatest strength is its resilience and durability. With real long-life neoprene, you will find a partner in the Ignite who will go with you through thick and thin.

  • Protection and comfort through balanced material thicknesses
    The Ignite features 3.0mm neoprene throughout the legs and torso. Our all-rounder protects you well from the cold of the open water and still offers a very good level of comfort for all uses. Shoulders and arms, on the other hand, rely on 1.5 millimeter neoprene and ensure outstanding freedom for every swimming style.

  • Comfort brings safety
    A high wearing comfort stands for relaxed and therefore also safe activities in the open water. The Super Comfort Innerliner improves the wearing comfort and makes it easier to put on and take off. Together with our Flex Collar and the Low Resistance Armpit, you never feel restricted in the Ignite and you also save energy, which lets you swim faster and further. This is how open water becomes freedom.

  • Better gliding means less effort
    The joining points of the Ignite are glued by us and secured with an internal seam. This construction brings you an extraordinary resilience and a particularly smooth outer skin. The result is the best gliding properties that lead you relaxed and fast through the water on the morning round as in your first competitions.

  • Visibility – essential in open water
    See and be seen is the motto of the Ignite. The bright orange of the calves and back makes you visible from afar. Especially in a group, it also makes it possible to keep in touch and always stay together, even with limited visibility. The Ignite is a real plus in terms of safety in open water swimming.

  • The trick with the loop
    The Easy Loop is just a small detail of the Ignite. But he has it all. The small loop at the bottom end of the zip allows you to create a counter-pull when closing the suit. So you are ready in no time at all. In addition, the sailfish swimming buoy can be attached to the Easy Loop. This makes the buoy your valued companion for even more visibility, because it is not noticeable.

Putting on a wetsuit correctly: Here are the step-by-step instructions

Manufacturer sailfish
Gender ladies
Color black/orange
category middle class
zipper rear
  • moderate buoyancy
  • 3mm legs and torso
  • 1.5mm shoulder and arms


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