Orca Openwater RS1 Thermal Wetsuit Men's 2022

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The Openwater RS1 Thermal is the highest thermal protection wetsuit in the Orca range. Its inner lining is specifically designed to maximize heat retention when swimming in open water.

In addition, it has the second neoprene layer "Batwing", which provides better thermal insulation in the area of ​​​​the zipper and the neck, thus eliminating the weak point of wetsuits in cold water.



    On the torso, Yamamoto 39 technology up to 5 mm thick and the Thermal X thermal lining ensure maximum thermal insulation in the areas where it is most needed, without affecting the swimmer's posture or restricting freedom of movement. In contrast to swimming without a wetsuit, this material has an 85% higher insulating effect. The high-quality inner lining retains heat more efficiently than other conventional inner fabrics. It also offers a soft and pleasant feel, which ensures great comfort.


     In the shoulder and back area, Yamamoto 40 is used in combination with the Infinityskin lining. This material can stretch 130%, ie more than twice its original size, for maximum stroke performance. In the area of ​​great range of motion, the shoulder area, it offers 72% less resistance than traditional neoprene fabric.


    To avoid heat loss on the back through the zip, this model is equipped with "Batwings" made of a second layer of neoprene. This layer prevents the water that comes through the zipper from coming into direct contact with the skin and keeps a layer of warm water inside. It also ensures a very snug fit around the neck, reducing friction and water ingress from the neck area into the wetsuit.



    Orca uses Yamamoto neoprene in all its products, a resistant, light and high-performance material. The processing of the panels and the combination of different high-quality materials ensure that our wetsuits are leaders in the industry.

  • 40 CELLS

    Yamamoto 40 technology represents the best non-Orca neoprene available. It takes 72% less effort to stretch compared to regular neoprene.

  • 39 CELL

    The neoprene Yamamoto 39 has a high elasticity, which allows it to be used in different places of mid-range wetsuits. For quick movements over short distances, the required effort is 35% less than with conventional wetsuits. For slow movements over long distances, the required effort is 45% less than with conventional wetsuits.


    The rest of the wetsuits in the Orca triathlon range are treated with this technology to guarantee top performance.


    The inner lining Infinity Skin 2 ensures a feeling of absolute freedom. Developed from a high-stretch nylon with bamboo fibers, this technology is used in the lining of our wetsuits to add flexibility to each stroke. It maintains body heat for longer and reduces bad odors and the appearance of bacteria in your wetsuit. In addition, it is made of natural and eco-sustainable materials to avoid skin irritation.


    The combination of a laser cut at the neck and a Velcro closure at the back reduces friction and prevents the appearance of pressure points on the skin.

Putting on a wetsuit correctly: Here are the step-by-step instructions

Manufacturer orca
Gender Men's
Color black red
category top model
zipper rear
Characteristics low buoyancy / very high flexibility
material #44 Yamamoto, Yamamoto Neoprene


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