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Stryd: power measurement while running

Best-in-class responsiveness for running at the right intensity on any terrain, windy, outdoors, on the treadmill and more!

Train from three miles to a marathon with a personalized, performance-based training plan that adapts to your fitness level.

Health and performance optimization with Stryd's new Impact Loading Rate metric that ensures you can perform at your best.

Broad compatibility with Apple Watch, Garmin, Polar, Suunto, COROS, Wahoo, Zwift, Android and iOS.

Next-generation features

Up to 5x improved response

Just dial in the right intensity for any running condition with up to 5x improved responsiveness over the previous Stryd generation.

Track lower body load

With the next-gen Stryd, we're introducing a new metric called Impact Loading Rate. This new metric allows you to track lower body stress to optimize your recovery and maintain your performance.

New running profiles

Each profile uses an innovative combination of customizing the display on your watch and configuring your Stryd pod to collect the data and bring it to you in the most optimal way.

Sprint Accuracy

The next-gen Stryd captures highly accurate sprint data and shows you how that data impacts your overall running performance.

Next generation design

Aerospace grade aluminum bracket

An aerospace-grade orange aluminum bracket stabilizes Stryd's foot to capture the fundamental movements of running.

Double silicone anchoring

A redesigned clip features a patterned silicone surface that anchors it to the foot sturdier and more firmly than ever - even in shoes with unconventional lacing patterns.

Advanced fiber material housing

The Stryd case is now made from 100% advanced fiber material, offering a new level of strength and durability.

Next generation sensors

4x dynamic range

There was always more to discover during your run. The next generation Stryd finds it thanks to improved sensors. Next-generation Stryd sensors capture your run with 4x dynamic range to capture even your fastest performances.

6x sampling frequency

6x the sampling rate allows Stryd to capture every step you take in more detail than ever before.

hardware filtering

Improved hardware filtering means the next-gen Stryd takes in what matters and discards what doesn't.

* All improvements relate to the Stryd Wind foot sensor.


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