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My name is Stephan Schepe. I have a degree in sports science and have been working at in Berlin since 2013. From a sporting point of view, when I was more active, my focus was primarily on the middle and long-distance triathlons (triathlon since 2003, first long-distance Roth 2006). In recent years, my focus has increasingly shifted towards supporting athletes: training planning, performance diagnostics, bike fitting, swimming seminars, training camps, the full program - there was little time for my own sporting goals. But there is still an unpaid bill...

The goal: marathon under 2:40h!

All because of Corona...?

With Corona, a social catastrophe has occurred since March, which significantly endangers life and health, but also economic livelihoods. Fortunately, I personally and in my environment have not experienced any health restrictions. However, the cancellation of sports and triathlon events this year is causing massive economic damage in our company, and a concrete professional existential fear has been a constant companion since March. The absurd thing about it is that this long-lasting exceptional situation creates unprecedented freedom in what is actually the most hectic time of the year for me... What to do? Running is always possible! Since April I have been running regularly again, initially 1-2 times a week more to deal with frustration, since June 3 times a week, increasingly for fun and positive energy. I have the impression that the body remembers the "old days" with every run. After a few weeks, a good basic level of running is restored. There's something going on again!

The little flea in my head has now developed into a full-fledged project - a new marathon record under 2:40h is needed! Why? The own best time comes from the Dresden Marathon 2009 with 2:41:36h. It 's been a few days, but if not now, then when? I don't know yet whether it will also be in Dresden this year. It remains to be seen which running events can even take place in autumn. i am optimistic

Coach becomes athlete. My previous "Corona running training" was still relatively unstructured, more on my whim and a little more speed-oriented (greetings at this point to all my athletes, whom I often have to slow down when planning the training - the trainer was not better so far). The volumes of 30-40 km/week are also very modest for marathon conditions. BUT: Now is the point where the training has to take on a different quality so that it doesn't stagnate at this level. The motto is more structured and goal-oriented.

In the coming weeks I will be posting regularly in this blog about my preparation, training methodology, key units and more - until day X. If you want, you can find all current posts here from now on.

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