#4: Gegen die Wand

The past week was the last of the first build-up block with even more work: five running units, hard interval training and, above all, the great heat in the second half of the week. In the end there was a pretty good one on the cap. But let's start at the beginning...

I wanted to complete the first stress block with the first "5-week run": five running units - a controlled increase in volume and a good basis for the next blocks. After I was able to complete my long endurance run (28 km) relatively well at the end of the weekend with a controlled 4:00 pace, I started this last week of stress fully motivated. Since I want to get closer to my own performance and experiment a little with the training method , after a day of rest I deliberately did an intensive running session to see how well the muscles were able to regenerate from the long run: it was planned a tempo change run with 4 km long tempo series in 3:40-3:45 pace with a short 1 km trot break in between. Lo and behold - it works! A total of 18 km, of which 3x 4 km at a constant threshold speed. I was happy!

As the second key unit of the week I had planned an intensive track training: 200m HIT intervals . A total of 5 series of 5x200m in 3:00 pace. What did I want to achieve with it? Above all, it is about improving VO2max, i.e. the maximum oxygen uptake and utilization. VO2max is the key criterion for aerobic performance and such sessions really kick in there. Despite the relatively low level of exertion (5x5x200m = 5,000m) extremely demanding, in the end I was pretty flat.

What for the ego: all interval times added up, I ran the 5,000m in 14:53 min. Pulled through again and proud as Bolle!

Then came the wall

For the weekend, the slightly longer runs were on the program again. And that's exactly where it awaited me: the wall. With temperatures skyrocketing throughout the week, I made a conscious decision to do my runs early in the morning to avoid the worst of the heat.

Saturday: 19 km driving game. After only 9 km it completely pulled the plug on me. Pulse and breathing rate suddenly shot up from one step to the next, my lungs tried to filter out another molecule of oxygen from somewhere in this stuffy, muggy air.

I trotted on with a 5-point average and couldn't get my pulse down anymore. At the end of the week, I didn't have anything to offer in terms of muscles. In the end, only 13 actual kilometers out of the 19 target kilometers were annoyed and exhausted. Sunday: long endurance run. I had prepared a 5K lap and provided a drinking bottle so that I could drink something after each lap. The first 10 kilometers went quite well, but I could feel my legs getting heavier with every step. The dripping wet running shirt stuck to my body , I drank regularly but couldn't keep up the pace. I fought for every kilometer and was exhausted after four laps.

BUT: it's also the end of a 3-week stress block. That such a state of exhaustion sets in is not abnormal - on the contrary, it is wanted . Because now it's time for a relief week - controlled regeneration with moderate training at a lower level. I then start the new stress block with a new 10 km test. Hopefully something should have happened there. Until then, stay healthy!


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