Formaufbau Laufen: Tipps für effektiveres Lauftraining

Form building running: in this article we will show you what you should pay attention to when designing your running training and how to bring more quality into your running sessions.


One of the most common mistakes: always doing the same run at the same pace. The effective training effect falls by the wayside in the truest sense of the word. The core principle of sports science, which should underlie every training session, is the so-called "effective stress stimulus" . It is about structuring the load (= running unit) in such a way that the body reacts with physiological and anatomical adaptation processes. This improvement in physical functioning is the short-term increase in performance or long-term form building. But be careful: the aim is not to exert yourself to the maximum in every training session. The adaptation processes take place at different levels, which is why they can be brought about in a targeted manner through specific forms of training. Example: the improvement of the maximum oxygen uptake capacity (VO2max) requires different training stimuli than the improvement and economization of the fat metabolism. Therefore, variation and targeted control is the key to training success.


  • Avoid "empty miles"
  • Before every running session, ask yourself the key question: What do I want to achieve with the training session? What adjustment do I want to bring about?
  • Know your training areas (GA1, GA2, threshold/WSA, EB) and target them for the greatest possible training effect
  • Use different forms of training: extensive/intensive endurance run, sober training, driving game, speed change, intervals
  • Structure the running sessions on a weekly basis 
  • Plan regeneration periods - only here do the adaptation and build-up processes in the body take place
  • Adapt the duration and intensity of the running unit to the respective forms of training
  • Don't always walk the same route
  • Use different running shoes for different running sessions
  • Stay healthy!

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