Klein und praktisch: Swim Buoy medium

If you are looking for a smaller alternative to the large-volume swimming buoys, but still don't want to do without all the important functions, you will find the perfect companion for a trip to the open water in the Swim Buoy medium .

Visibility, security and portability for valuables. The triathlon.de Swim & Safety Buoy medium offers all these functions just as reliably as all larger buoys.


The swimming buoy is available in eye-catching color variants to ensure the greatest possible recognition value in open water.




When the buoy/bag is laid flat, the inside of the bag measures 60cm x 21.65cm, allowing enough room to carry smaller items such as a wallet or keys while swimming.

For additional safety, the swimming buoy has a warning whistle on the locking buckle.

This is how the schwimm-sicher.de swimming buoy medium works:

  • Let the air out of the bag completely.
  • Place your wallet, keys or small items of clothing in the dry bag.
  • Lay the top edge of the dry bag on top of each other and fold in at least three times, clip the buckle together.
  • Inflate the buoy with mouthpieces.
  • Wrap the waist belt around your waist and clip it in.
  • Off to the open water!

Material: 100% PVC, waterproof




The right bathing cap


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