So läuft ein professionelles Neotestschwimmen

"What model and size do I need? How is the fit? Is the Neo high or low buoyancy?" The properties and swimming behavior of a wetsuit are difficult to express in numbers, but should best be tried on your own body and tested in the water. We will show you how you can find the right neoprene for you through a professional neoprene swim.


Huge selection

The core of a Neotest event is of course testing several different neoprene models in order to be able to experience and "swim" for the differences yourself. Size, fit, material thickness, buoyancy, processing quality - many properties of wetsuits vary considerably, but this only becomes noticeable in the water (swimming position, feel-good behavior, flexibility). Also: different manufacturers sometimes follow very different approaches when designing their model categories (beginners, middle class, high-end) and often work with their own size charts. This means that a wide range of manufacturers at Neotest increases your chances of finding the perfect wetsuit for you enormously.

At the test swimming we offer you a huge neoprene test fleet: five manufacturers, around 20 different models, all sizes, over 200 wetsuits.


In order not to be overwhelmed with this selection, it makes sense to narrow down the models that are relevant for you (e.g. a lot of buoyancy vs. less buoyancy, beginner vs. advanced, short distance vs. long distance, etc.). This information is already collected in advance of the test swim, so that a sensible model selection can be made.

find the right one

At the beginning, each participant receives their individual test sheet. This later serves as a note, evaluation sheet and decision-making aid. An experienced team is now ready to look after you during the test swim:

  • Advice, model and size selection
  • assistance in getting dressed
  • Observe swimming behavior and water situation from the outside
  • give personal feedback
  • find the next alternative


According to this scheme you can put different neoprene models through their paces. Your test sheet is your constant companion, on which you can evaluate all the models you have swum for fit, buoyancy and flexibility. We recommend testing three to a maximum of five wetsuits. In the end, the winner is clear: your Neo, your second skin. A suit that supports you in the first discipline, with which you can swim more efficiently, with less effort and faster, and which of course also keeps you warm.

At the Germany-wide neoprene test swim, we offer you the most comprehensive range of neoprene and top advice. Our goal is to present the suits independently of the manufacturer and to give triathletes of all performance levels the opportunity to test different models extensively before investing in a wetsuit.


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Sowohl in dieser Info als auch in den FAGs habt Ihr praktisch alle meine Fragen top zusammenfassend beantwortet!!

Ich freue mich auf das Testschwimmen :-)

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