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For some athletes, open water swimming training ends with sores on their skin, especially in the collar area. If skin irritation occurs here, the fun stops and sometimes you have to take a break. Problem areas can also arise on the bike during the first rides. The Body Glide Skin Protection Balm can help. This forms a dry and invisible protective film and reliably prevents sores and blisters.

Protects the skin, protects the clothes

Body Glide does not leave stains or other traces on clothing, nor does it degrade wetsuits such as Vaseline. Body Glide is not greasy or moisturizing. Similar to a deodorant stick, the skin protection can be applied directly to the affected areas.
The balm is waterproof, sweat-resistant and still allows the skin to breathe. It forms an invisible and effective barrier where skin rubs against clothing and socks or skin against skin. The protection works over a long period of time even under extreme conditions.
The clever thing is that your hands stay clean when you apply it.

Made from natural substances

All Body Glide products are made with purely organic, plant-based and allergen-free substances without animal testing. They are vegan, free from petroleum, lanolin or mineral oil and can also be used safely on children. The Body Glide range contains products that are specially tailored to the respective application. Whether bicycle saddle, running shirt, sports bra, wetsuit, shoe, backpack strap or sandal strap: there is the right tool for every purpose.


  • Prevents chafing, skin irritation, cracked skin and blisters
  • Allergen-free, organic, plant-based ingredients, vegan, not tested on animals, child-safe
  • Easy to apply, hands stay clean
  • Is perspiration permeable and allows the skin to breathe
  • Gentle on clothing: Can be used under clothing, wetsuits, in shoes
  • Alternative for greasy, soggy creams, gel products and powders
  • Free from petroleum, lanolin or mineral oil
  • The products are available in a “pocket” and a “travel” version.


body The #1 skin formula for protection against friction, trusted for over two decades. This is the basis of all products.

for her Also contains coconut and sweet almond oils to further moisturize and protect the skin. Coconut oil has moisturizing properties and soothes skin irritations. Sweet almond oil maintains moisture in the skin without clogging pores. It is also rich in A, B and E vitamins, thus promoting skin health.

cycle glide also contains provitamin B5 with a light mint scent. Provitamin B5 protects skin from moisture loss without clogging pores to improve skin's softness and elasticity. Provitamin B5 protects the skin, can relieve itching and pain and reduce redness.

relief For temporary relief of muscle and joint pain caused by overexertion. Ideal before and after physical activity.


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