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A few weeks ago, the Endorphin PRO launched Saucony's Endorphin running shoe collection as an ultra-dynamic racer. This is a whole new generation of running shoes that make running noticeably more efficient thanks to the latest sole technology and convey a new, dynamic running feeling. After the Endorphin Pro, the Endorphin SPEED and the Endorphin SHIFT are now ready to go. We will introduce you to both models in more detail.


With the product release of the SHIFT and SPEED, the endorphin trio is now complete. Each shoe was designed for a special purpose: while the Endorphin PRO, as an aggressive racer , ensures new best times in competitions, the SPEED, as a lightweight trainer, is designed specifically for fast training sessions. The Endorphin SHIFT, on the other hand, rounds off the series as a training all-rounder for any training run.

The core of each of the three models is Saucony's SPEEDROLL technology. The innovative S-shaped sole construction enables a unique energy recovery of 88% and ensures a reactive, forward-looking running feeling. Below we take a closer look at the Endorphin Shift and Endorphin Speed. Click here for the Endorphin PR O test report


The Endorphin SPEED promises you high performance in your fast units and in competition. It helps you run faster faster . The technology in the shoe: a continuous, semi-rigid nylon plate in connection with the extremely light and reactive PWRRUN PB cushioning material promise you maximum propulsion. The hips are brought into a more active and dynamic running position, which ensures improved running economy due to the changed body center of gravity. At the same time, the impression is more powerful thanks to the TPU plate. The new PWRRUN pb offers 88% energy return and is 40% lighter than traditional EVA. This avoids early fatigue and a high pace feels even better. The large outsole offers the necessary stability and traction during speed sessions. Along with durability, you'll find a shoe that will take you through all distances at top speed. Any speed is fun with the new Endorphin Speed.

    • Speed ​​& Comfort: PWRRUN PB - the next generation of comfortable and lightweight cushioning, provides a comfortable, responsive feeling underfoot
    • Energy return: the Endorphin Speed ​​combines ultra-lightweight and responsive PWRRUN PB cushioning with a continuous, semi-rigid nylon plate that's more flexible than the Endorphin Pro's carbon plate. The result is the SPEEDROLL effect. Recommended for fast sessions and competitions.
    • Comfort despite lightness: the FORMFIT upper material encloses the foot with 3D comfort. The breathable mesh and 3D details that add structure ensure a custom fit and secure hold.


Category: Lightweight training shoe

Weight: 221g (men US 9) / 192g (women US 8)

Drop: 8mm (forefoot 27.5mm / heel 35.5mm)

  • Special features: SPEEDROLL effect (S-shaped nylon plate)

Colour: "White Mutant", Black/Gold

RRP: EUR 180.00


The Endorphin SHIFT combines PWRRUN cushioning with well-tuned stability features for an effortless run. The
The secret lies in the thicker midsole and the stiffness in the forefoot, which together convey the feeling of the SPEEDROLL - the feeling of higher running efficiency. Along with the supportive details from heel to forefoot, you'll experience faster, feel-good runs every day of the week. So if it feels like the shoe is doing the work for you, it really is.

Even in daily training, the SpeedRoll technology helps to achieve a natural but also forward-moving rolling behavior when running. The specially shaped PWRRUN midsole, which has neither a carbon plate nor a TPU plate compared to the other two models in the Endorphin collection, brings the hips into an active and upright running position and helps to achieve a completely new one
running feeling. The PWRRUN+ Topsole ensures that forces are distributed over a larger area and local pressure is lower. Compared to other Saucony models, the midsole construction of the Endorphine Shift has more volume and still conveys a light and dynamic walking experience. The stable but also light TPU heel cap provides support in the shoe and adapts to one
Variety of different foot shapes. With the new Endorphin SHIFT, every run feels even easier.

    • Ready to roll: the SPEEDROLL technology drives you forward with the feeling of continuous dynamics. The two key features in the midsole are the increased cushioning and stiffer forefoot, which together make you run more effortlessly. So you can run faster, not harder.
    • Refreshing comfort: The midsole made of the comfortable PWRRUN alone gives the Endorphin SHIFT a more pleasant variant of the SPEEDROLL and makes it the perfect companion for every distance, every day. Especially when you want your shoes to do a little more for you.
    • Structure and comfort: the FORMFIT upper hugs the foot with 3D comfort, while an external TPU heel counter combines with medial rubber in the outsole to provide structured support. Together with the thicker footbed of the Endorphin SHIFT, these details offer a more comfortable run with the propulsion properties typical of endorphin.


Category: All-round training shoe

Weight: 286g (men US 9) / 269g (women US 8)

Drop: 4mm (forefoot 34mm / heel 38mm)

  • Special features: SPEEDROLL effect (PWRRUN midsole)

Colour: "White Mutant", Black/White

RRP: EUR 150.00


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Sold out

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