Marathonvorbereitung mit dem Saucony Endorphin Speed 2

Our running expert Markus is preparing for the Vienna Marathon on April 24th. before. His goal: new PB under 2:43h - that's damn fast! He has been doing the core units for several weeks with the new Saucony Endorphin Speed ​​2. Here are his experiences with the fast speed shoe.

"Just under six weeks until the Vienna Marathon and somehow my marathon preparation hasn't really picked up speed due to illness and other things. Actually I'm planning at 3 months and now a bit of panic breaks out. So new motivation is needed and what helps better than a new running shoe.

After a few test runs on the treadmill, I decide on the Endorphin Speed ​​2 from Saucony ( More on the subject: Endorphin Speed ​​2 - Next Level Tempo Training ) . Although this "only" has a nylon sole, it is a bit more comfortable to wear because it is a little less aggressive. For shorter distances, however, I would like to test a carbon version in the future.

The first 4 tempo runs are behind me and what should actually serve more as motivation turns out to be a real step forward. I don't notice that I'm running faster (as is often attested in advertising or the press), but the GPS watch then gives quite clear values. My performance level has never been so high. So pace to heart rate is better than before.

That definitely has to be attributed to the shoe. It's only 3-4 seconds per km (with a threshold speed of approx. 3:45 min/km), but otherwise you have to train for a few weeks and not just put on different shoes.

But where there is light, there is of course also shadow. I notice that my calves are under much more strain and I need more time to follow up on the sessions. So those who run these types of shoes should also invest some time in stretching and blackrolling . Rolling the soles of my feet with a golf ball is also very good for me.

It's also clear that I'm very slow to approach these shoes on long runs. First of all, if I am accompanied by a bicycle, I will only run the final acceleration (i.e. the last 5-10km) with the shoe.

My favorite session with the Endorphin Speed ​​2: running session at marathon pace

2km running in; 7-15km race pace (the closer to the marathon, the longer) 1km coast down. Followed by yoga, rolling and stretching. On a good day, the pace can sometimes be a bit faster than the target pace, because it's just fun to shoot yourself down a bit in the unit."

We keep our fingers crossed for Markus in the preparation and wish good legs and fast shoes, especially for the competition ;-)



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