Sailfish Ignite - leicht und flexibel

Anyone who finds conventional neoprene suits too heavy, too rigid and too robust should definitely take a close look at the new sailfish IGNITE : thanks to its thinner material properties, the IGNITE is not only light as a feather, but it is also one of the most flexible open water wetsuits in the triathlon entry-level segment.

The thin Open-Water-Neo impresses above all with its extremely stretchy material, which guarantees a high degree of freedom of movement and nestles against the body like a second skin - such extraordinary flexibility is otherwise only found in wetsuits at significantly higher prices. This is already noticeable when putting on the neos: the material is very supple and stretchy and can therefore be pulled up very easily on the body - no hard work, as with many other models in the entry-level class. Once put on, the neo is almost imperceptible on the body. The thin material adapts easily to all parts of the body and does not put any uncomfortable pressure on the upper body, neck and shoulders. Like a second skin! You have to try it on once, because you're actually not used to such freedom with Neo.

This freedom continues in the excellent mobility. The IGNITE enables almost resistance-free arm movement for energy-saving swimming, even over long distances. This enables a wide range of possible uses, from long open water units to short triathlons. The eye-catching design also ensures high visibility in open water.

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The IGNITE gets its flexible properties primarily from the thinner material. While most neos are designed for a material thickness of 4-5 mm (especially in the torso/hip/thigh area), the Yamamoto 39 neoprene of the IGNITE is only up to 3 mm thick here. Thinner material is less rigid but also has lower buoyancy properties. So if you prefer moderate buoyancy anyway, you've come to the right place. Triathletes, on the other hand, who depend on a strong stabilization of their position in the water, will probably find themselves better off in more buoyant models (e.g. Sailfish One / Ultimate IPS ).

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