Lauftraining: der Crescendolauf

The crescendo run is one of the most effective forms of training for increasing speed and fatigue tolerance. The core of such a training session is to progressively increase running speed – even when you are getting tired. This form of training is one of the most important units for (half) marathon runners in particular.

The music sets the pace

In classical music, the term "crescendo" refers to a piece of music that gradually becomes louder. In terms of our running training, loudness is simply replaced with running speed (i.e. intensity). In the classic crescendo run, you increase the speed over several stages from the beginning to the end of the entire running unit.

Example 1:
10 min 70% HRmax (e.g. pace 5:00)

10 min 75% HRmax (4:45)
10 min 80% HRmax (4:30)
10 min 85% HRmax (4:15)
10 min 90%-92% HRmax - usually anaerobic threshold (4:00)
10 min easy off

Important: the speed specifications are only shown here as examples. Adjust the intensity levels to your level of performance (individual HRmax/threshold speed). The crescendo run is one of the more intensive forms of training – integrate it from time to time as a “key unit” in your training cycle. However, also think about conscious recovery time - it is always the second key to form building.

Example 2:
run in 10 min
2 min pace 5:00
2 min pace 4:45
2 min pace 4:30
2 min pace 4:15
2 min pace 4:00
1 minute pace 3:45
Easy trot for 5 minutes
Repeat series 1-2x
Then run out easily

Shorter levels allow an even more intensive training stimulus to consciously go beyond the threshold speed (keyword speed development, VO2max, lactate tolerance).

The right shoe

A light training shoe is ideal for this type of running unit, which enables you to implement an increasingly dynamic running style over the course of the unit - i.e. a more active push-off phase and shorter ground contact times. With a stable shoe that is too heavily cushioned, it is difficult to reproduce this running dynamic at higher speeds. But therein lies the training effect of this unit. 

Recommendation: lightweight trainer


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