HUUB - Neoprentechnologie 2.0

Named after the scientist Professor Huub Toissant , who is largely responsible for the development of the Neos, the British manufacturer sees itself as a pioneer of technical innovations in wetsuits and triathlon clothing. You can read in the following test report whether the new suits keep their promises.

Aegis, Varman, Brownlee Agilis

This is the name of the HUUB models, which are not yet so common in German-speaking countries. That could change. Like most other neoprene brands, HUUB serves the three common categories with its models:

  • Entry-level model: Aegis
  • Middle class/all-rounder: Varman
  • Top model: Brownlee Agilis (name giver is actually the triathlon brothers Brownlee)

We tested the suits in order from entry-level to top-of-the-line. On the one hand, hard facts were decisive: how fast can I swim / how much time can I save with the respective suit. On the other hand, "soft" criteria play an equally important role: how easy is it to put on and take off the neo, what is the wearing comfort, fit or flexibility like?

Aegis - the beginner

Entry-level neoprene are strongly buoyancy-oriented and more robust than flexible - fortunately the Aegis only fulfills this cliché to a limited extent. Yes, the buoyancy is generated by the sheer material thickness of 5mm in the hip and thigh area. However, this makes many neos stronger, the material appears less elastic, the neo is simply more difficult to put on and take off. This impression was not confirmed at all with the Aegis.

The Aegis is so fast:

The time savings resulted in an average of 7-8 seconds at 100m. 400m were initially swum without neoprene to determine the reference time. Then 400m with the Aegis with (felt) the same effort. The 400m time with Neo was a total of 30 seconds below the reference time.

The material felt amazingly soft and could easily be pulled to all parts of the body where it belongs. The overall fit is tight, but not uncomfortably oppressive. Then in the water the first aha effect: the material felt softer and more elastic. As a result, the Neo is more relaxed on the body and can be easily moved again. But be careful: the Neo has to sit tight on land. Anyone who chooses a comfortable size here has too much "play" in the neo - too much water then penetrates.

As expected, the swimming behavior was buoyant. The hips and legs lie on the surface without any effort and can almost be neglected for maintaining the position in the water. However, good swimmers will have problems keeping their legs in the water. The propulsion via the arm pull felt smooth, the first lanes were quickly unwound without any problems, the swimming position remained at a consistently high level. With decreasing strength in the arms, the material in the shoulders becomes noticeable at some point - for triathlon beginners on popular and Olympic triathlons, these "short" swimming distances can be mastered very well and efficiently. Quick changes are no problem with the Aegis III - the Neo could be stripped off the entire body quickly and without obstacles. Without haste, undressing took only 15 seconds.

Conclusion: As an entry-level model, the Aegis already gives an idea that HUUB technology and workmanship are very important. A strong position in the water, a comfortable fit and good mobility in the water make the Aegis a feel-good suit for triathlon beginners.

Varman - the all-rounder

The Varman is the buoyancy specialist - this is where HUUB relies on a variety of stabilizing properties based on the specially developed "MAD" system (Measurement of Drag). With this technical device, the quality of a swimmer's position in the water is determined by measuring its resistance area and the efficiency of the stroke. ( to the video )

This is how fast the Varman is:

The time saved resulted in an average of 9 seconds at 100m compared to the reference time without neo. The 400m time with the Varman was a total of 37 seconds below the reference time without a neo.

The Varman was then developed on this basis in order to make the water resistance of the swimmer as low as possible and the pull and planing phase as large as possible. The Varman primarily appeals to swimmers who prefer a high level of buoyancy and stability - especially over longer triathlon distances. When putting on the neos, we immediately noticed the lateral stabilization elements: a strip of much firmer material on the lateral thighs. This strip is designed to stabilize the longitudinal axis, avoiding over-rotation and twisting. This lateral stabilization is so important because the Varman's material is very soft and supple throughout the suit. That's why getting dressed was very uncomplicated - despite a wet body. In the water, the confirmation was immediate: the Neo massively pushes the legs up, even more than the Aegis III. The reason for this is the "+43 neoprene" developed by HUUB. According to the manufacturer, this technology enables 43% more buoyancy with the same material thickness. Whether it really is 43% is of course difficult to judge. However, the buoyancy-promoting effect is clearly noticeable. In addition, the longitudinal axis stabilization is noticeable. The rotational movement is limited by the lateral material reinforcements and is only possible to a limited extent. As a result, you lie very flat and straight on the water. Under these strong impressions, the arms and shoulders were not the focus of attention at first, but automatically completed move after move. A good sign, as no limitations or inconveniences were noticed. Long trains, relaxed gliding phases - the suit lies on the water like a board . At first, however, it was difficult to keep your feet in the water. However, over longer distances and with decreasing drag efficiency, the suit helps to keep the water position at a constantly high level. The swim time was also faster compared to the Aegis III.

Conclusion: in comparison to the Aegis III a clear leap in quality and technology. The Varman is aimed at all triathletes who need high buoyancy and stability properties. The flexible material makes the suit a reliable guarantee for an efficient swimming position, especially with regard to long distances.

Brownlee Agilis - the top model

The Agilis is the result of two years of development and testing in collaboration with the Brownlee brothers. The focus was on two goals: 1. unrestricted arm freedom, 2. buoyancy behavior that is guaranteed over long distances without loss. It is precisely here that the findings of the "MAD" system flowed into the conception of the suit.

This is how fast the Agilis is:

The time saved also resulted in an average of 9 seconds over 100m, although it felt a little less strenuous. The Agilis was also the last Neo tested, ie these values ​​were achieved here under preload. The 400m time with Neo was a total of 36 seconds below the reference time.

First of all: the Agilis implements both goals in an impressive way! The suit's freedom of movement sets new standards - it feels like you have nothing on your arms or shoulders when you're swimming. The material is so flexible that you hardly notice the resistance. This is of course noticeable in swimming in the form of an excellent gliding phase and body stretching. The buoyancy feels strong and is distributed more evenly than with the Varman. The "+43" material is also used here and ensures a consistently flat water position to minimize resistance even on long swims. However, the Agilis deliberately does without the lateral stabilizing strips and thus appeals more to swimmers with a more stable position in the water. Freedom of movement without compromise is the overarching motto of this wetsuit. "There is no faster wetsuit." , HUUB confidently claims for its top model. However, the decisive factor is always the one inside the neo, BUT: after this impressive test, other neos first have to prove the opposite.

Conclusion: the Agilis is rightly the undisputed top model from HUUB. Fit, swimming properties, flexibility are exceptionally good, the material is top-quality - a wetsuit for new best times in the water.

All HUUB models in detail

Aegis (men)

Varman (men)

Agilis (Men)

Aegis (women)

Aura (ladies)

Agilis (women)


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