Giant Propel: So machst Du Dein Aero-Renner zeitfahrtauglich

The Giant Propel is one of the fastest and most popular aero road bikes on the market. The frame concept, aerodynamics and driving characteristics leave no doubt about the sporty ambitions of this racing machine. With a handlebar attachment you are not far away from a time trial bike. We'll show you how you can adjust the Propel for a top aero position in just a few simple steps.

A matter of attitude

The central element is of course the handlebar attachment. The sitting position in the aerobars reduces the cd value (flow resistance) considerably, and the aerodynamics of the entire system are significantly improved. Result: higher speed with the same performance. However, this posture also changes the biomechanical properties in the "driver system", which requires an adjustment of the seating position in order to be able to effectively transfer the power to the pedal in the aero position. Let's get started!

Mount the handlebar attachment of your choice on the handlebars according to the manufacturer's instructions. The clamps of the aerobars can usually be attached directly next to the stem. In contrast to the normal racing bike position, the seating position in the aerobars is more aerodynamic, but too defensive, less effective in terms of favorable power transmission, and the entire posture is too stretched and tense.

However, the Propel offers the possibility to adjust the seating position in the area of ​​the seat clamp. The lower part of the clamp can simply be turned forward - this converts the negative offset of the saddle mount into a positive value. To do this, you have to completely unscrew the two saddle screws, remove the saddle, turn the lower clamping rail forward, reinsert the saddle, and tighten the saddle screws.

Effect: Forward shifting of the saddle position. Improvement of the effective leverage in the aero position.

The Saddle Question

Especially in the aero position, the saddle plays a "supporting" role in driving comfort. The racing bike saddle is usually only suitable to a limited extent for a longer period of time in the deep sitting position. Triathlon-specific saddles provide considerable relief here - they were developed for exactly this seating position and offer optimal driving characteristics.

Suggestion 1: Selle Italia Iron Evo Superflow

Suggestion 2: Fizik Mistica


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Hallo Yves,
unsere Bike Fitter verwenden zumeist Lenkeraufsätze von Profile Design – diese gibt es in unterschiedlichen Formen und bieten eine Vielzahl von Einstellmöglichkeiten, um das individuelle Setup bestmöglich anpassen zu können. Schau mal hier:



Danke für euren Beitrag!
Habt ihr zusätzlich zur Sattelempfehlung auch eine Empfehlung für Lenkeraufsatz/Aerobars? Vielen Dank!

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