Brandneu: Fuji Norcom Straight 2.1

The Norcom Straight has been Fuji's weapon against time for a number of years. For 2021, the platform has been completely redesigned to be even faster, more efficient and smoother.

The current Norcom Straight is a completely new concept that has very little in common with its predecessors: new, aggressive design, the latest technologies, disc brakes. Fuji's goal : to develop the fastest bike on the track. Therefore, the Norcom Straight has been extensively tested in the wind tunnel and under real conditions and delivers top values ​​in terms of aerodynamics.

But riding comfort and control also make up the quality of a good triathlon bike. This is where the new Norcom trumps its predecessors: the new carbon frame absorbs vibrations, but at the same time offers maximum rigidity for optimal power transmission. In addition, the integrated handlebar cockpit offers even more adjustability for the optimal position on the bike - depending on whether you prefer it more aggressively or more comfortably. 

The equipment is also up to date and offers excellent value for money: Shimano Ultegra DI2, Vision TC55 Aero wheelset, TRP hydraulic disc brakes.

Photos: Fuji


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