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Questions and answers about the neoprene test swims 2023

For years we have been conducting neoprene test swims for our customers and athletes. Some questions come up again and again, which is why we have put together the most frequently asked questions here.

Which neoprene suits do you have with you for the test swim?

For the test swims from February 2022 we have the following neoprene suits from the following manufacturers with us

  • Sailfish : Ultimate IPS Plus 3, G-Range 8, One 7, Attack 7, Ignite
  • Huub: Agilis, Pinnacle, Aura, Aegis X, Araya
  • Blueseventy: Helix, Reaction, Fusion
  • Zone3: Vanquish-X, Aspire, Vision, Advance
  • Zoot: Wikiwiki 3.0, Bolt 2.0, Kona 2.0
  • 2XU: Propel Pro, Propel P:2, Propel P:1

Do I have to choose my suit myself?

No Please not. We have trained staff on site. Our colleagues will advise you on the model selection and give you the Neo in the right size. If necessary, they will also be happy to help you put on your neoprene.

Does it make sense to test all Neos that are there?

No. We have around 20 different models from all manufacturers. Different Neos appeal to different types of swimmers. In order to find out the relevant models for you, you have to answer several questions when registering. Based on your answers, we recommend a total of 6 Neos. You will receive this recommendation at the beginning of your test swim in the form of a test sheet. You can of course test everything you want. The recommendations are just a guide to help you get started.
Of course, our local colleagues will help you to find the next best neo for you.

Do I have to return the test sheet?

No, the test sheet is only for you and is intended to help you make your decision. We recommend that you write down how the suit felt right after you swim each wetsuit. Experience has shown that this is when the impression is freshest and that after three suits at the latest it is very difficult to mentally tell the suits apart.

What should I pay attention to? What should I note?

Many participants had never had any experience with a wetsuit. Therefore, the first impression in the water is often very striking, but the question is: can it be even better? This evaluation will be easier for you if you have tried several Neos.

In any case, you should pay attention to the three most important criteria: mobility, buoyancy and fit. For this we have prepared a separate column on the test sheet in which you can write down your personal impression.

How long can I test?

We allocate slots every 30 minutes. But these are only your start times . In order to make the test swim more relaxed for everyone, we are equalizing the start times of our participants a little. All of our start times are calculated so that you have at least 1.5 hours to test. From experience, that's enough. If you think you need more time, just get to the earliest possible slot. Here you can test for at least 3 hours. In some locations with a large number of participants you can even try for up to 5 hours.
The only limit for you is the duration of the test swim. As long as we are there, you can also test.

Which corona rules apply to the Neotest?

The corresponding regulations differ from state to state, so there are no uniform regulations. In principle, the regulations of the respective swimming pool apply . You can find this in our announcement of the date with validity at the time of the announcement. Of course, you can also find the respective regulations on the websites of the pools - please find out about changes or deviations from the pool itself before the test event.

Do I have to pay the entrance to the swimming pool?

Yes, we rent lanes in the swimming pool and pay for them. In some swimming pools, unfortunately, participants have to pay an additional entrance fee. Important: due to the corona virus, entry tickets in some pools are only sold in advance via online booking (applies to all pools in Berlin, for example). Please inform yourself in the swimming pool about the ticket/admission regulations.

Can I bring friends or relatives to the pool?

Yes No problem. You are welcome to take friends or relatives with you. If the swimming pool requires an entrance fee, you will of course have to pay it.

Do I have to choose a neo for the test swim?

No of course not. You can take as much time as you need. However, you only get the special conditions of the test swim at the test event itself. We also grant the 10% discount after the test swim, but you can only redeem the registration fee at the test swim. Furthermore, you will only receive the schwimm-sicher.de Safety Buoy medium worth EUR 29.99 when you buy a wetsuit on site.

How can I pay for the test swim?

During the test swim you can pay with cash, EC card or credit card (no American Express). A purchase on account is unfortunately not possible.

Can I take my Neo with me right away?

No, we have 100 to 200 athletes in our test swims every weekend during the Neo test tour. Our portfolio includes about 20 models with up to 10 sizes. In other words, in order to have all conceivable neos with us, we would have to have several hundred neos with us at all times.

Since this is not possible, we usually ship the Neos from our warehouse within two weeks after the test swim. 80% of neos are already with their owners on the third working day after the test swim.

If there are isolated delays (delivery problems), we will of course inform the affected athletes. We usually offer a free loan neo for the duration of the delay.

If you need your Neo urgently, just let us know. We will find a solution.

Can I exchange my Neo?

Yes, we want our customers to be satisfied with their Neo in the end. As a gesture of goodwill, we have so far complied with every request for an exchange.

Do you have any more questions?

No problem. Just send us an email to: shop@triathlon.de

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Georg Friedel

Georg Friedel

Hallo meine sehr geehrten Damen und Herren . Ich hätte eine Frage . Ich war Früher einmal ein Triathlet , bin dann schwer Erkrankt , konnte 17 Jahre keinen Sport machen . Ich habe vor 3 Monaten wieder mit dem Schwimmen begonnen , und möchte wieder Versuchen im Freiwasser zu Schwimmen , leider Passen meine alten Neopren Anzüge nicht mehr . Ich würde daher gern an eurem Test in Ingolstadt teilnehmen , um zu sehen ob es etwas Passendes für meine Altersklasse gibt ? Bis wann muss ich mich Anmelden ? Könnt ihr mir die Anmeldungsunterlagen per Mail schicken . Danke !!



Gibt es schon Termine für diesen Winter? Meiner ist kaputt, ich brauche einen neuen und würde daher gerne bei einem der frühen Termine dabei sein.

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