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Here's how it works

JobRad is the market leader in company bike leasing and has been getting people on their bikes for more than ten years. As a mobility service provider, JobRad uses a digital portal solution to organize the transfer of company bikes between employers, employees and bicycle dealers in an uncomplicated and cost-neutral manner. And this is how it works: The employee chooses what he wants at the dealer or online - all manufacturers and brands are possible. The employer leases the JobRad and leaves it to the employee for professional and private use. If the employee purchases the JobRad through salary conversion, they benefit from a tax incentive ( 0.25% rule ) and save significantly compared to a conventional purchase. An employer-financed company bike is even free of charge for the employee - and tax-free. More than 30,000employers with more than three million employees throughout Germany already rely on JobRad, such as Bosch, SAP and Deutsche Bahn. Because this sustainable mobility concept attracts talent, keeps employees fit and protects the environment.

triathlon.de is a JobRad premium dealer and that is why we process inquiries particularly quickly.

sample calculation

The Cervélo P5 Disc Force eTap AXS1 (2021) costs EUR 10,499, now we take the average salary in Germany, which is around EUR 3100 per month (gross). JobRad Leasing has a term of 36 months, ie over this period the employer deducts a certain amount from the gross salary, which means that the employee has to pay less tax and social security contributions. In our example, the employee saves EUR 4,060 of the direct purchase price by leasing the JopRad.

JobRad offers a calculator with which you can calculate your individual tax benefits

motives for employers

Company health management (BGM): In many companies, company bike leasing is a central part of BGM and JobRad is equally attractive and easy to implement for all employees . In addition , employees who regularly cycle to work aredemonstrably lesssick (see JobRad - background text “Cycling keeps you healthybut so does e-biking ”).

Easy to implement: JobRadhas a portal that companies and their specialist retailpartners can use to digitally map company bike leasing. The administration effort is minimal for everyone involved.

Employer branding: The importance of company bike leasing in the overall package of a modern, appreciative and attractive employer is constantly increasing : The JobRad benefitisincreasingly being actively requested by applicantsduring the application process . JobRad thus strengthens the employer brand and supports recruiting - especially in times ofa shortage of skilled workers .

Reduce mobility costs: The company network BAUM states that the construction of an underground parking space costs at least 20,000 euros. In addition, there are annual expenses for maintenance and operation amounting to 300 euros. With JobRad, employers can look forward to car parking spaces that have become unnecessary - because up to seven bicycles fit in one car parking space. And the environmentbenefits too: through CO 2 savings and lessfine dust pollution .

The market continues to grow : consumer demand for high-quality bicycles and e-bikes is increasing – the need in companies to act in a sustainable and health-oriented manner is increasing. Business bike leasing is making an increasingly important contribution to environmental protection and the mobility revolution (keyword : relieving inner cities). For this reason, too,companies and employees alike approach JobRad to implement company bike leasing in an uncomplicated manner.

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