Deine Checkliste für den Wettkampf

Most people probably know the feeling of having forgotten something from going on holiday. But this can also happen in triathlons. Especially when the first competition is imminent and all thoughts revolve around the starting gun, packing the sports bag quickly becomes a bit unstructured. So that you don't only notice in the transition area that you still have your running shoes at home, we have put together a comprehensive checklist for you, with which you should not be missing anything.


  • starting pass
  • ID card/passport
  • Money
  • Possibly timing chip with neoprene strap

Before the race

  • thermal clothing
  • competition suit
  • drink
  • bars
  • Possibly sunscreen (it is best to apply it with gloves before the competition, as creamy hands have a negative effect on the feeling of water)
  • disposable gloves
  • air pump
  • MP3 player/smartphone

To swim

  • wetsuit
  • If necessary swimming suit
  • swimming goggles
  • Silicone swimming cap
  • Body glide


  • Hand towel
  • Race number tape + safety pins
  • socks
  • If necessary, change bag/plastic bags

Also interesting

To go biking

  • wheel
  • helmet
  • cycling shoes
  • cycling glasses
  • If necessary, gloves/sleeves/waistcoat
  • household gums
  • Replacement/Repair Kit
  • drinking bottles + drink
  • Bars/gels/other food


  • running shoes
  • Cappy/visor
  • Bars/gels/other food
  • Possibly drinking belt

After the race

  • thermal clothing
  • Cap
  • Comfortable shoes/slippers
  • Hand towel
  • shower stuff

If you pack according to this list, you shouldn't have a nasty surprise before the start of the competition. In general, it is good to make packing a routine, as this not only means that you have everything you need with you, but can also reduce the stress before the race. Therefore, make sure you take enough time to pack and preferably check everything again in good time before the starting gun so that you can run errands if something is still missing.

And now good luck in the competition!



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