7 Variationen für den 10-km-Lauf

Most runners have their standard lap, where you know every pebble, every blade of grass by heart. This lap is often between 8 - 12 kilometers long and is unfortunately too often unwound with a monotony of speed that is precise to the second. The training-effective stimulus literally falls by the wayside. In order to give you a bit of variety in your 10 km run, we have put together 7 variations that provide more training stimuli and thus improve your running performance.

For the pace shown, we have used a threshold pace of 5:00 min/km (WSA=competition-specific endurance or threshold pace, roughly equivalent to a 10km pace) to make the different intensities clear to you. You can easily determine your individual threshold performance with a 10 km form test (a fun run in your area or simply as an endurance run yourself).

Variation 1 - Progressive endurance run

5 km in 6:00 min

3 km in 5:30 minutes

1 km in 5:15 minutes

Run out 1 km easily

Variation 2 - endurance run: pace pyramid

Run in 1 km and integrate running ABCs

1 km in 6:00 min

1 km in 5:45 minutes

1 km in 5:30 minutes

1 km in 5:15 minutes

1 km in 5:00 min

1 km in 5:15 minutes

1 km in 5:30 minutes

1 km in 5:45 minutes

1 km in 6:00 min

Variation 3 - endurance run with progressive change of pace 

walk in 2 km

5 min at 5:10 min/km

3 min easy trot

4 min at 5:00 min/km

3 min easy trot

3 min at 4:50 min/km

3 min easy trot

2 min at 4:40 min/km

Then run out easily

Also interesting

Variation 4 - Tempo intervals in the threshold area

Walk in 2 kilometers

3 repetitions:

1 km in 4:50 minutes

1 km easy trot


Run out 2 km easily

Variation 5 - endurance run with hill intervals in the development area

Run in 2-3 km (10-15 min).

4-6 repetitions:

1 min mountain interval (submax. workload)

2 min easy trot


Locker GA1 home

Variation 6 - Track Training with Intervals

run in 10 min

10 min run ABC

3 series:

4x200m @4:30 + 200m easy trot


3km @5:30

Leak loose

Variation 7 - endurance run (form test/determination WSA)

walk in 2 km

5 km test run (WSA)

Run out easily for 2-3 km

Happy running!

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