2XU Neoprenanzüge: mehr Leistung im Wasser

2XU (pronounced "Two Times You") is a specialist in innovative functional clothing and wetsuits. The Australian manufacturer was a long-standing partner of DTU and Jan Frodenos. The professional athletes were deliberately included in the further development of the materials and products. In the field of neoprene, the current "Propel" series offers wetsuits for beginners through to professionals.


2XU serves the classic triad with its neoprene range:

P:1 Propel - the entry-level model

P:2 Propel - the all-rounder model

Propel Pro - the top model

We took a close look at each model and show you the differences in detail here:

P:1 Propel

The P:1 is designed as an entry-level model and offers triathlon beginners in particular a high-quality neoprene for training and competitions at a great price-performance ratio.

With a maximum material thickness of 5mm in the area of ​​the upper body, hips and legs, it offers reliable protection against the cold in all open waters. On the other hand, the P:1 has very good buoyancy properties, so that the position in the water is considerably stabilized, especially for weaker swimmers. As a result, you lie on the water like a "board" and no longer have to worry about sinking legs. In addition, the so-called rollbars prevent excessive rotational movements (strong lateral twisting of the upper body) and help significantly more efficient swimming technique: less water resistance, longer gliding phase, faster swimming speed. The soft Yamamoto 39 neoprene also offers surprisingly good flexibility for an entry-level wetsuit.

Conclusion: The P:1 is an excellent entry-level wetsuit with a very good price-performance ratio.

2XU P:1 PROPEL here in the shop


In recent years, the P:2 has been one of the most popular wetsuits in the middle class segment on the triathlon.de neoprene test tour. Hardly any other all-rounder could convince the athletes with its swimming properties like the P:2. The Neo sees itself as an all-purpose weapon at all distances. Above all, the extremely stretchy material means that the neo is not perceived as "oppressively" tight despite its tight fit and puts less pressure on the upper body and neck area. The same flexible material properties continue to ensure almost resistance-free mobility in arms and shoulders - the Neo swims just as comfortably after 3,000 meters as after the first 300 meters. With 5mm neoprene thickness in the hip and leg area, the P:2 also ensures very good buoyancy and stabilizes the water position evenly and reliably, even over long swim distances. As with the P:1, roll bars prevent excessive rotation and loss of stability.

Conclusion: The P:2 is rightly one of the most popular and best-performing wetsuits in the middle class.

2XU P:2 PROPEL here in the shop


The PROPEL PRO is the undisputed top model and combines the latest cutting-edge technologies in a real high-tech wetsuit. The PRO is a dream for good swimmers: the suit is extremely light and allows unrivaled comfort and freedom of movement. The Yamamoto #45 neoprene is the most flexible thing currently on the market. Even putting on the neos is not a struggle, but you slip on very easily, like in your second skin. The Propel Pro is hardly noticeable on the body itself, but offers the full range for new best times in the water: Nano SCS coating, maximum gliding properties, specifically arranged buoyancy panels and roll bars for a straight, stable position in the water. Overall, however, the Neo offers less buoyancy than the P:1 or P:2 and is therefore more aimed at advanced swimmers with a good position in the water who are looking for ultimate freedom of movement and maximum swimming characteristics. Note: the Propel Pro is not "shiny" as shown in the manufacturer's pictures, but in reality is just as "matt black" as the P:1 or P:2.

Conclusion: The PROPEL PRO is the ultimate top model for fast swimmers.

2XU PROPEL PRO here in the shop


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